The thing is…porridge

The thing is…
….if you microwave a sachet of pre-prepared breakfast rather than making porridge in a pan, you miss watching the oats turn creamy white making a rim of pearl. You miss the hiss and steam, the blow holes like a pod of miniature whales or those hot springs in Iceland. You won’t get a wet face when you lift the lid to see how it’s doing, and you will miss sweet-smelling the raisins which are in there too, as they plump over time, emerging thrice their original size.

If you cared to, you could merge your demineralised hot stuff with blackcurrants that were picked from the garden and frozen last summer for just such a February day. Then you, too, might enjoy the initial burgundy streaks and eventual pink outcome as they are stirred together.

You might save on the dishes, but your morning won’t be so complete.

Author: Tamsin Grainger 03.02.20